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Hi, I'm Paul

This site is all about Sibelius, and how to get the best out of it!

From absolute beginners to experienced users, I’ll show you some great hints and tips on how to get the best from the software.

There are courses you can take showing how to set things up, video blogs with hints and tips, playback examples and a whole lot more.

Set up Sibelius correctly, and you'll be making fantastic orchestral mock-ups of your music in no time at all!

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Graphical Midi Tools

This plugin is truly groundbreaking!


You can tweak any Midi CC data you want, adjust the timing of individual notes (with a piano roll editor!), tweak the note velocity and more all from the score, It’s stunning

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I join this site?

That’s simple really!

Because if you love Sibelius, you’ll soon discover that this site is packed with information, help and run by a chap who loves the software just as much as you do!

Does the site have any community features?

At the moment, the site isn’t using any community features, but I’m currently working on some that I think you’ll love!

Shortly you’ll be able to talk in forums, share hints and tips in blogs, get updates in news feeds, upload Sibelius, Midi and Music XML files and share them with others.

Showcase your music and compositional chops with video and audio sharing and a whole load more!

So Join the site today and I’ll let you know when it launches!

Are the course videos downloadable?

No, I’ve hosted them on my own streaming service and only viewable here on the website.

I don’t use YouTube for any paid lessons either, so your course experience is guaranteed to never include adverts stuffed into every inch of video!

I'd love to offer courses too, can I join as a tutor?

Absolutely, and this site has all the features you need to make this happen.

I’m very keen to hear from anyone who’s interested in teaching on the site, so take a look at the Instructors page on this link, register your interest and I’ll get everything sorted out for you.

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