Vienna Symphonic Library and Sibelius

Vienna Symphonic Library and Sibelius

Vienna Symphonic Library
Score Playback

Vienna Symphonic Library and Sibelius

Playback your music straight from the score!

Have you ever wanted to be able to write music using world class sample libraries? I mean, on a stave in notation software and not on a piano roll inside a DAW?

I’ve dreamed of this for ages! I ‘hear’ the tune in my head, and when I write, I want to be able to playback the score with world class samples, so I can understand better how it would sound played back by humans in the real world!

DAW’s like Logic are remarkably powerful, but almost to a point, each developer has overlooked the (and this is just my opinion!) fundamental element of music software….the music notation, as each score editor is lacking in quite basic elements really!

However there is a wonderful solution that I’d love to show you!

Vienna Symphonic Library and Sibelius work in harmony so well, it’s a pleasure to use them in your writing and score playback.​

In fact I think its fair to say that these two amazing pieces of software, work together like peaches and cream, bread and butter…or tea and cake!

Currently Vienna Symphonic Library are the only sample manufacturer to provide sound sets for all there sample libraries.

After a simple set up process, they ‘Just Work’ in Sibelius, so you can use their wonderful samples in your score playback and whilst writing.

Vienna Symphonic Library

To be able to use world class samples from VSL directly in Sibelius whilst writing or for you score playback is just wonderful!

I wrote this tune a while ago and thought I’d use it to show you the playback you can achieve using the ‘VI Pro’ sample player version of Vienna Symphonic Librarary’s ‘Special Editions’

This tune uses the ‘Plus’ editions of the Special Editions, and the film demonstrates how it sounds, straight out the box!

If you set yourself up with this wonderful software, you can achieve playback like this as easily too!

In future posts I’ll be showing you the wonderful Synchron-ised versions as well as plenty of other instruments available from Vienna Symphonic Library!

What did I use for playback?

The playback configuration is hosted in Vienna Ensemble Pro 7, the world class mixing environment from Vienna Symphonic Library.

Each instrument has VSL’s own EQ and Compressor plugin presets applied, along with an instance of their limiter and exciter plugins on the master output, again with their own (slightly!) tweaked presets applied.

This is one of the reasons I use VE Pro 7, as it allows you to install effects, either 3rd party or indeed VSL’s own proprietary ones into each individual instrument track in the mixer view.

It’s massively better than Sibelius’s own inbuilt mixer, I really can’t stress this enough!

No additional EQ or effects have been applied, and no mixing has been done in a DAW.

How did I set it up?

Vienna Symphonic Library do an amazing thing with all the instruments!

They provide for FREE, soundsets that work with all their instruments in Sibelius, and these are available in your account, once you’ve bought into their software.

To set up and use the special editions with Sibelius, its just a matter of sorting out a new playback configuration using the correct soundset and house style.

I’ve done several courses on the site showing how to do this, you’ll find them all listed here

What are the Special Editions?

The Special Editions are a set of sound libraries that encompass the entire symphonic orchestra, over several different sample sets.

Considered by many, myself included as a perfect starting point into VSL’s software, you can add to them as and when you’d like, in a modular way, to increase the number of instruments you can use.

The Special Editions 1 volume, gives you practically everything you might need to get you started over all 4 sections of the orchestra, Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion, whilst the Plus versions increase the number of articulations you can use!

They are brilliant, work wonderfully in Sibelius Ultimate…and I HIGHLY recommend them!

For more information on this magnificent software, check out Vienna Symphonic Library here

Why not have a go at setting up your own playback configuration with Sibelius Ultimate and VSL!

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