Setting up Sibelius Part 1

Setting up Sibelius Part 1

Setting up Sibelius Part 1
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Setting up Sibelius Part 1

Setting up Sibelius Part 1

Well done to you for choosing Avid’s brilliant notation software. I’m absolutely positive that you’re going to love using this software to write your music…I know I do!

Setting up Sibelius Part 1 is all about opening the software for the first time, and you’ll soon discover that there are loads of ways to do many different things!

I’ve done this series of videos to show you some workflow ideas that you may want to adopt, as they are all based on how I use this wonderful software!

Sibelius is really very adaptable indeed!

Keyboard shortcuts are editable, so over time, you can amend them. Sibelius can works exactly how you want it too!

Currently there a three (3) versions of the software available.

‘Sibelius First’ ‘Sibelius’ and ‘Sibelius Ultimate’.

For all the videos that I do on this site, it’s the Ultimate version of the software I use. You can purchase the software directly from Avid’s website.

For the Ultimate version, they also have a subscription option that you may want to check out as it allows full use of every feature the software has to offer, as well as allowing the installation of plugins.

It’s amazing, I cannot recommend this version of the software enough!

In the video, I show you how to set up your very first score, from a blank template option.

You’ll soon know how to add Instruments, Key Signatures, Time Signatures!

setting up your 1st score part 1

I’ll also show you how to choose and change your choice of ‘House Style’ so your score looks just how you want it to.

Setting up Sibelius: Part 1

I’ll show you how to add Instruments into your score, along with adding Key Signatures.

We also look at Time Signatures and how to add a title for your new masterpiece.

And don’t’ll know how to add your name as the Composer too!

So with that in mind!’s the first video!

In the next video, we’ll look at the options for adding notes into your score, so join me for the next one!.

I’d love to know what you think, so please don’t hesitate to comment below.

If your stuck with anything, don’t hesitate to contact me directly and I’ll help you get started as quickly as possible.

So, that was Setting up Sibelius Part 1. Thanks so much for watching! I’ll see you very soon for Part 2!

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