Setting up Sibelius Part 4 – Dynamics

Setting up Sibelius Part 4 – Dynamics

Setting up Sibelius Part 4
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Setting up Sibelius Part 4 – Dynamics

Welcome to Setting Up Sibelius Part 4!’re doing brilliantly!.. Let’s just have a quick recap on what you should know!

You can put Key Signatures, Time Signatures, Titles and Composer Information directly into your score,

You can also add notes to your music staves in any of 4 different ways!

If your unsure of how to do any of the above, why not go over the preceding posts, you’ll find them all listed here!

Today let’s do something a little bit different, and have a good look at Dynamics in your score!

By the end of today’s blog, you’ll know how to do it!

expression text

Entering Expression Text correctly is really important for your Dynamics to work.

We’ll go over this in detail, so you’ll have this well covered!

I’ll make sure that you understand how Expression Text is connected to the notes you want,

In this way, you’ll be sure that everything is where you want it to be!

Multiple Staves

You’ll also know how to add dynamics across multiple bars at the same time, regardless of where they are in the score

This is a HUGE timesaver, and I highly recommend a way of speeding up your workflow!

There’s loads to go over in this section of the course, so check out the video and we’ll go over Setting Up Sibelius Part 4 Dynamics!..In detail!.

Ok. There we are, that was Setting Up Sibelius Part 4.

I really hope that you’re enjoying this series of blogs, as now you also know how to put Dynamics into your score!

You know about Expression text, Hairpins and Slur, using either the ribbon or keyboard shortcuts. BOOM. it’s really coming on!

So join me soon for Part 5, but until then, as usual, if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the ‘Contact Me’ tab, and feel free to leave comments below, as I’d love to hear what you think!

As usual, I’ve used Sibelius Ultimate for this one, more info can be found at Avid’s Site

That’s it for now..I’ll see you soon for the next one!

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