Setting Up Sibelius Part 6: Playback

Setting Up Sibelius Part 6: Playback

Setting Up Sibelius Part 6
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Setting Up Sibelius Part 6: Playback

Welcome to Setting Up Sibelius Part 6!

Welcome back to the next instalment of the Setting Up Sibelius series!’ve learned loads since you started

Just look at what you can do!

You can put Key Signatures, Time Signatures, Titles and Composer Info, straight into your score,

You can play notes into your score with a keyboard..or input them in any way you like!

Oh..and not forgetting you can save your score, make versions of it, lock it so it can’t be changed..and you’ve also got some basic editing and keyboard shortcuts under your belt!

But, as ever, if your unsure of how to do any of the above, why not go over the preceding posts, you’ll find them all listed here! comes the lovely part, as Today we’ll take a look at Playback, and how to make the most of what Sibelius includes as standard! There are loads to look at.

By the end of todays blog, you’ll know how to do!

Tempo Text

We’ll look at Tempo Text, and how to add it to your score.

Sibelius will speed up and Slow down..just as Humans would!

I’ll show you the built-in Mixers functionality, including Reverb and EQ.

We’ll also look at the Loop playback functions that Sibelius has to offer.

If you want to, you can add 3rd Party effects into your mixer to use in Sibelius.

I’ll show you how to use Spaces II Reverb from EWQL as well!

It’s easy to set up and use different Reverbs in your playback..and I’ll show you how to do it!

Well there you are, that was Setting Up Sibelius Part 6

I really hope you’re enjoying this series, and it’s helping you get the most out of Sibelius!

There was a lot in that video!..but once you have these playback features under your belt, you’ll start to see (and hear!) your music really starts to come alive!

So now you know how to add and use Reverb, either the inbuilt ones or 3rd party ones that you already own, or want to buy!

You can tweak the EQ and adjust the mixer settings, and loop the playback too! and you’ve learnt a few more keyboard shortcuts!

As with all my blogs and videos, I’d love to hear how you’re getting on, so please do comment below.

If you need any more help you can also contact me directly via the ‘Contact Me’ Tab.

So that was Setting Up Sibelius Part 6, Join me again soon for Part 7 where we’ll dive into Editing!

Until then..Have a good one, and I’ll see you again soon!

Software used

Sibelius Ultimate

East West Quantum Leap ‘Spaces II’ Reverb.

More information is available on their website

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