Setting Up Sibelius Part 7: Editing

Setting Up Sibelius Part 7: Editing

Setting Up Sibelius Part 7
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Setting Up Sibelius Part 7: Editing

Welcome to Setting Up Sibelius Part 7!

Hello, and welcome back to the next instalment of the Setting Up Sibelius series! It’s amazing really what we’ve covered in the last 6 blogs!

Just look at what you can do!

You can put Key Signatures, Time Signatures, Titles and Composer Info, straight into your score,

You can play notes into your score with a keyboard..or input them in any way you like!

You can save your score, make versions of it, lock it so it can’t be changed..and you’ve got the basic playback functionality sorted too! there are LOADS you can do with Sibelius now!

But, as ever, if your unsure of how to do any of the above, why not go over the preceding posts, you’ll find them all listed here!

Ok..So let’s track on with Today’s Blog…Editing!

Now some of you may think this section is boring…and not really worth looking at!… I couldn’t disagree more!… Want to know how to make everything look nice on your conductor’s score?

By the end of today’s blog, you’ll know how to do it!


Blimey…that’s not looking good! want to know how to fix this sort of thing?

Yep!..thought so..and by the ned of today’s’ll know how!

Ooh..that’s not looking great either!…but it’s simple to sort out!

Don’t know how to get your staves aligned?… will now!


So you’ve got 2 flutes on different staves!

I’ll show you how to ‘Reduce’ your score, so they appear on 1 stave for your conductor!

Once you know how to do basic editing…your scores will look STUNNING!

Well there you are, that was Setting Up Sibelius Part 7

I really hope you’re enjoying this series, and it’s helping you get the most out of Sibelius!

So a recap from the Video! you can now do all this too!

Unlocking the format

Add Pages

Aligning the Staves

Reducing the Staves

Adding text instructions

We also had a brief look at voices!

Wow..that’s a huge amount you can do now…it’s not long before you’ll be a Sibelius Guru!

As with all my videos, please don’t hesitate to get and comments on anything as much as you want…As I’d love to know how you’re getting on…so don’t hesitate to let me know!

And remember. If you’re stuck with anything, you can get hold of me via the ‘Contact Me’ button.

So there you go!.. That was Setting Up Sibelius Part 7…join me again soon for the next one!

Until then..take it easy and I’ll see you again soon.

As with all my blogs, I use the Ultimate version of Sibelius..check it out on Avid’s site here.

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