Setting Up Sibelius Part 9

Setting Up Sibelius Part 9

setting up sibelius part 9
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Setting Up Sibelius Part 9

Welcome to Setting Up Sibelius Part 9!

Welcome back to the next instalment of the Setting Up Sibelius series! Its amazing what you can do with Sibelius now, in such short amount of time!…you’re well on your way to enjoying everything this wonderful notation software has to offer!

Just take a look at what you can do!

You can put Key Signatures, Time Signatures, Titles and Composer Info, straight into your score,

You can play notes into your score with a keyboard..or input them in any way you like!

Oh..and not forgetting you can save your score, make versions of it, lock it so it can’t be changes..and you’ve also got some basic editing and keyboard shortcuts under your belt!

Not only do you know about 3rd party effects, you can edit the playback of repeats with the Inspector, with its ‘Play on Pass’ functionality!

If that wasn’t enough! also know how to edit the score..add pages, align the staves, make stave reductions…and know a little about voices too!

You also know about parts and where to find them! How to add tempo text, rehearsal marks and transpose the whole score instantly from concert pitch to transposed..and back again any time you want!.

Blimey…I may as well get my coat as you’ve got a huge amount under your belt!..but there is loads more for me to show you!

Before we dive headlong into Setting Up Sibelius Part 9… If you’re unsure of how to do any of the above, why not go over the preceding posts, you’ll find them all listed here!

In this session, we look at Zoom levels, System text position, Instrument names, Bar Numbers…and Parts again…as now’s the time to really get the most out of these features!

There is loads to go over in this lets get stuck in

fit page

I love Sibelius…but it does have it’s quirks!…and one of them is zoom levels!

It may well drive you mad!…but we’ll soon have that sorted for the main score..and the parts as well!

If you don’t like the default positions of System Text (tempo marks and rehearsal marks for example) it’s easy to change.

A few mouse clicks is all it takes to move them…Boom…Done!

system object positions
system width

It’s much easier to edit when the score fits the screen perfectly!

There are tonnes of options…and I’ll show you my favourite ones that hopefully you’ll love too!

I know these features aren’t as ‘Rock and Roll’ as some..but trust me…just knowing how to adjust the zoom level on everything is a HUGE help!

Well there you are, that was Setting Up Sibelius Part 9

Now I know there’s a lot in this video, but I really hope that these posts are helping you get the best out of your software, and  now you’re finding it easy to write your own music with this wonderful notation program.

Bar numbers have never really been the most exciting area of notation!…but I have to admit that when I first started to use Sibelius…having them appear on every bar was complete overkill…but finding the option to adjust it took a while to find!…so hopefully these little tips will help you put the finishing touches on everything.

In the next post, we’ll look at the export functions!…how to print your scores, or send them via email or PDF’s…and we’ll take a look at how to record the playback of your scores as MP3 or WAV files too.

Sibelius has quite a lot of options in this regard…you can even make videos directly from the software of your score playing back…and I’ll show you how to do that as well.

As with all my blogs and videos I’d love to hear how you’re getting on, so please do comment below and let me know

And don’t forget that if you need more help, you’re most welcome to get in touch with me directly via the ‘Contact Me’ Tab.

That was Setting Up Sibelius Part 9, so join me again soon for the next one!

Until then..have a good one, and I’ll see you again soon!

As with all my blogs, I’ve used the ‘Ultimate’ version of the software for this one..currently at version 2020.6, find out more from Avid’s site here

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