Setting Up Sibelius Part 10-Exporting!

Setting Up Sibelius Part 10-Exporting!

Setting Up Sibelius Part 10
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Setting Up Sibelius Part 10-Exporting!

Welcome to Setting Up Sibelius Part 10!

Welcome back to the next instalment of the Setting Up Sibelius series! It’s amazing what you can do with Sibelius now, in such a short amount of time!…you’re well on your way to enjoying everything this wonderful notation software has to offer!

Just look at what you can do!

Not only can you put Key Signatures, Time Signatures, Titles and Composer Info, straight into your score,

You can play notes into your score with a keyboard..or input them in any way you like!

Oh..and not forgetting you can save your score, make versions of it, lock it so it can’t be changed..and you’ve also got some basic editing and keyboard shortcuts under your belt!

You’ve also learned about 3rd party effects and you can edit the playback of repeats with the Inspector, with its ‘Play on Pass’ functionality!

If that wasn’t enough! also know how to edit the score..add pages, align the staves, make stave reductions…and know a little about voices too!

You also know about parts and where to find them! How to add tempo text, rehearsal marks and transpose the whole score instantly from concert pitch to transposed..and back again any time you want!.

You know so much now that you won’t need my help anymore!… I’m feeling a little sad now…Don’t worry..I’m being silly as there’s still a whole world of stuff for me to show you!

As with all my posts, before we dive headlong into Setting Up Sibelius Part 10 if you’re unsure of how to do any of the above, why not go over the preceding posts, you’ll find them all listed here!

I know the last post didn’t show you the most exciting features, but trust me they are really important!..but today’s post is a bit more interesting!…and that’s how to export your brilliant Magnus Opus that you’ve spent weeks working on…In several different ways

By the end of today’s blog, you’ll know how to do it!

MP3 export

Export Audio, either as MP3, WAV or AIFF files.

It’s easy to do and you’ll be sending them to Warner Brothers in no time at all!

Don’t know how to print the parts?…in a few moments, you’ll know what you need to do to export the Conductors score and all the parts as PDF files.

Handy for when your epic masterpiece is played by humans!

Logic midi export

I know that some of you are as keen as mustard to leave Sibelius and use a DAW like Logic Pro to tweak the playback.

OK…OK…I’ll show you a really handy way to export the whole score as Midi too!

Thats not all, as you can also export your score as a Manuscript Paper!..a HUGE time saver if you use a playback configuration with stunning samples for playback!

Well there you are, that was Setting Up Sibelius Part 10!

I really hope you’re enjoying this series, and it’s helping you get the most out of Sibelius, as by now you should feel you have a really good understanding of the program, and how amazing it really is!

Perhaps the Manuscript Paper export went off-topic here, as I haven’t introduced you to the wonderful possibilities of setting up and using 3rd party samples, from developers like VSL, to use with Sibelius when you write and playback your score.

I have, however, done quite a few courses showing how to set up VSL and other sample libraries with Sibelius, as some of you may already own some samples from other developers (if you already use a DAW like Logic..its highly likely that you do) so I thought that I’d mention the export functions of the manuscript paper in this episode.

Check out all the courses here for more information, and my shop has a few MP3’s to download, and the range of items is growing all the time!.. So why not check it out today!

As with all my blogs and videos, I’d love to hear how you’re getting on, so please do comment below, and if you need any more help you can also contact me directly via the link at the bottom of the page.

So that was Setting Up Sibelius Part 10, Join me again soon for Part 11 where we’ll dive into more export features including music XML!

Until then. Have a good one, and I’ll see you again soon!

Software used

Sibelius Ultimate  2020.6

Logic Pro 10.5.1

Vienna Symphonic Libraries brilliant samples and software..more information is available from their website

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