The Ballad Of Sergeant Smith

The Ballad Of Sergeant Smith

Sergeant Smith
Score Playback

The Ballad Of Sergeant Smith

Score playback with NotePerformer 3

Today, I thought I would show you the playback that is possible using NotePerformer with my score ‘The Ballad Of Sergeant Smith’

This is a much larger score than the one I usually use to showcase playback straight from the score of Sibelius…I’ll be posting a video of that soon so you can compare it with the others I’ve already done.

This score uses a larger ensemble…and you’ll be able to really hear how the Woodwinds, Brass and Strings sound straight out the box. The only tweaking I’ve done for this score is I used NotePerformers own plugins that you get when you download and install the software, and I’ve added just one (1) instance of East West Quantum Leaps lovely Spaces II reverb on Sibelius’s master output.

That was ‘The Ballad Of Sergeant Smith’

Originally written as a song, but now arranged for Symphony Orchestra, it tells the story of the gallant ‘Sergeant Smith’ leading his troops into battle from the trenches of Ypres during the 1st world war, by way of several letters that he sends home to his wife.

The piece starts with pride, purpose and a sense of adventure as the lads leave for war. The Crowd cheers and waves as they march off to fight, with the promise of an early return, as ‘It’ll all be over by Christmas’ however they slowly come to realise that things aren’t going to be so easy, as they spot the enemy for the 1st time (suggested by a subtle change in rhythm to imply an Oompah band), until finally going over the top for the final time at the end of the Piece.

The tune modulates to G Major, and from here the letters he sends tell of the 1st time they engage the enemy in a skirmish and how he longs to see his wife again. He sends his final letter home on the morning of the ‘Big Push’, as he waits, with Bayonet fixed, for his turn to lead his men into battle and to break the enemy lines.

This is reflected in the final key change to F Major.

I wrote this piece in honour of my Grandfather Joseph John Del-Nevo.

It would be amazing to hear this played live!

If any orchestras out there fancy playing this piece, I’ll gladly send copies of the Conductors score and parts…as it’s a dream to hear my music played!

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