The new site has gone Live!

The new site has gone Live!

come in we are open

The new site has gone Live!

Boom..after months of hard work, its finally here! and I really hope that you like it.

You may remember that originally my site was just a blog, with a little shop area where you could download PDF’s to help with setups and the odd MP3 of the tunes I’ve used to demonstrate scores on the site.

Well, I was never really happy with it, and it wasn’t working for showing how to do things, so after taking the plunge and taking the site of line it gave me the opportunity to develop (with the help of my fantastic developer!) a brilliant new site based around courses.

Goodbye basic downloadable PDF’s and Hello to a completely new design that allows me to develop properly designed courses, lessons and individual video instruction for everything on the site!

learning how to set things up and get the best out of Sibelius has never been better, and I’m really very excited about the posibilies that lie ahead.


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