The roadmap for Everything Sibelius

The roadmap for Everything Sibelius

Whats next for Everything Sibelius

The roadmap for Everything Sibelius

The response we have had from the new website has been absolutely amazing, and I just wanted to say a massive ‘Thank You’ to everyone who’s got involved, joined up on a course or sent feedback since the new website went live.

I have to say that it’s better than I ever expected and I’m really glad that you like it as much as I do, as going forwards, the site now opens up a huge amount of possibilities, that I’m really very excited about!

And this really is the whole point of todays blog post! What would you like to see next for Everything Sibelius, so that I can concentrate development where you’d really like it.

Now it goes without saying that more Sibelius related courses are the order of the day, and I’m currently writing some much larger courses that will go live in due course, but what I’d love to hear back from you about, is if there is any functionality you’d really like to see on the website?

Would you like a social site, so you can upload Sibelius (and other files), with your own profile area, groups, forums and your own video and MP3 upload area. Would the ability to make friends with other Sibelius users and connect with them on the site be something you’d like to see?

Would you prefer a forum, to chat about anything Sibelius related, with less Social functionality?

Would you prefer it if the site stayed how it is?

Have you any ideas for features you’d love to see?

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are, so I can develop the site in the right direction, and really make it the best Sibelius related website that it can be

So, let me know what you’d like in the comments section below!

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  1. Hi Paul. I would like to see an area where members have a feature wish list chart for future Sibelius updates. Avid might even view it and take it into consideration.

    (Joshua Beresford is a pseudonym I use on YouTube)

    1. Paul Del-Nevo
      Paul Del-Nevo

      Hi Paul. That’s a great idea!..I’ll certainly work on something like that, and as soon as its up, I’ll let you know.

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