How to use the Navigator and TimeLine

How to use the Navigator and TimeLine

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How to use the Navigator and TimeLine

Today I thought I’d do a quick video blog showing two really neat features that will get you zipping around your score in Sibelius really quickly!

If you’ve ever dragged the score around the screen with your mouse, I’m sure you’ve found how easy it is to have a bit of a butter finger moment by accidentally grabbing a notehead or bar line, and dragging it all over the place! I cannot tell you how annoying that is!

Sibelius comes with the ‘Navigator’ and ‘Time Line’ features, that can save a huge amount of time navigating your score, and completely remove the chances of any mishaps!

As with all my blogs, it’s Sibelius Ultimate I’ll be using, currently at version 2020.12.

Although not intended as a playback demonstration, I’ve used NotePerformer for writing this piece, and I’ll use this score in future blogs to showcase sample libraries playback functionality, so keep your eyes peeled for those!

I’d love to know what you think about these features, or indeed anything Sibelius related, so please feel free to leave comments below!

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