Website Roadmap update!

Website Roadmap update!


Website Roadmap update!

I really need your help! 

After my first blog post about the features you’d like to see developed on the site, I’ve had some really good ideas sent, but I’ve had no way of tracking which idea is the most popular, and which idea isn’t!

I’ve added a new part to my website designed to allow me to really understand the features that you, as members of the site, would love to see developed and integrated to the site in the coming weeks and months.

So far, I’ve listed what I believe to be the most popular, and if you click this link (or navigate to the footer menu where you’ll see ‘roadmap’ listed)’ I’d really appreciate you taking the time to vote for your favourites, and the ideas with the most votes will be developed.

If there is a feature you’d love to see, that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to add it to the list!

To Find out how to vote and how to add your own ideas, scroll to below the video.

So..How do I vote or add an idea?

To vote or add an idea you’ll need to log into the site, and just click the thumbs up on the idea or ideas you’d like to vote for. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see the ideas panel appear where you’re most welcome to add what you’d love to see the most, so if you haven’t done so already, why not sign up to the site today.

This part of my site will be the perfect place for me to really find out what you’d like developed, and I can devote my time and efforts into features that members of this website would love to see.

I’ve turned the comments off for this blog post, as your most welcome to comment on any or all of the ideas in the Roadmap. This way I can follow what’s wanted or not, and really get an understanding of where the site should be heading!

Thanks so much for taking the time to vote and/or add your ideas, I really do appreciate you doing it.

With kindest regards