The Graphical Midi Tools plugin is now available directly from Everything Sibelius!

The Graphical Midi Tools plugin is now available directly from Everything Sibelius!

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The Graphical Midi Tools plugin is now available directly from Everything Sibelius!

I’m very pleased to announce that the Graphical Midi Tools plugin from Santiago Barx is now available to buy directly from Everything Sibelius!

I’m a huge fan of this plugin, and it completely changed the way I work with Sibelius, as once you start using it to tweak midi CC data, note timings, note velocity and more, you’ll soon realise that it’s so me, you may feel you no longer need to use a DAW like Logic, Cubase, Studio One or the myriad others out there to really put the finishing touches to your music.

If you’ve longed to produce brilliant mockups of your compositions in’ve just found the plugin you’ve been dreaming about!

I’ve done a really detailed course showing exactly how to use this wonderful plugin, so why not check it out today!

Update: As of Saturday 18th December 2021

The plugin has just been updated to the 2.0 version, and as such the 1.2 version is no longer for sale on my website.

In the coming days, I’ll be updating the course to show all the features of the new Graphical Midi Tools 2.0 plugin, but for now, check out this recent blog post as its stunning!

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  1. Robert Kennedy

    Hi, It look fantastic and it’s just what I’ve been looking for. Is there any point in using it with NotePerformer though?

    Can I get it to apply tremolo, pizz, spitz, and other articulations? I use BBC Orchestra and Spitfire Solo Strings and Garritan PO5.



  2. Paul Del-Nevo
    Paul Del-Nevo

    Hi Rob.

    Thanks so much for getting in touch.

    It can work with NotePerformer…and can be good, for example, to tweak the amount of Vibrato in a string line over a given phrase as NotePerformers vibrato is controlled by a midi CC value that can be manipulated by the plugin, as can the length of notes and the velocity of each note too

    But if im honest, NotePerformer isn’t really the intended use case for this me..this plugin is stunning on libraries that are traditionally designed to be used in a DAW as usually they have a much larger range of settings that can be automated in Sibelius as easily as a DAW.

    If you use VSL for example…you can adjust dynamics and all the articulations with the included soundset…and use the Graphical Midi Tools plugin to tweak humanisation, delay, tuning, legato slur, modulation, reverb amount, or anything else the sample Library allows you to the same time..and the results can be nothing short of spectacular.

    You could in theory use it to change articulations if they can be changed in Spitfire Solo Strings (for example) with midi cc rather than key-switches..but as the plugin is designed for drawing in curves, the results may be less than satisfactory…but using the same library with key switch staves for the articulations and automating the controls of the sample player is totally possible…and a lot of fun to do.

    I really hope that helps mate…but if you need any more help, you know where to find me


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