The NotePerformer course has been updated!

The NotePerformer course has been updated!

NotePerformer Course updates

The NotePerformer course has been updated!

This is just a very quick post you let you all know that today I’ve released an update for the NotePerformer course.

You’ll find this at the Botton of the course layout in the ‘Bonus Material’ section and it covers the Tenuto articulation and introduces a rather nice plugin to hide articulations.

I’ve also gone over some tips with Technique text as sometimes it has a negative effect on playback.

I’ve made this section a free part of the course, so if you haven’t checked this course out yet, you can take a look at the section to see how the courses are laid out and how the site works before making a decision whether to take the full course,  so if you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to make an account, log in and click the preview link in the lesson to see it.

I hope this helps you get the best out of NotePerformer, as I’m still amazed at how brilliant this software is!

As usual, I’d love to know what you think about NotePerformer, the Courses to anything Sibelius related, so please feel free to either contact me here, or use the comments section below

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