VSL Elite Strings and some news!

VSL Elite Strings and some news!

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VSL Elite Strings and some news!

Today’s post is a very quick look at the absolutely stunning ‘Elite Strings’ from Vienna Symphonic Library.

This new library is based around a small ensemble size of 6 1st violins, 5 second violins, 4 Violas, 4 Cellos and 3 Double Basses, and it sounds absolutely amazing!

In this very quick 1st look video, I’ve included a small selection of instruments from the Synchron-ized special editions, showing how well you can blend different libraries together.

But before we get stuck in, I just wanted to let you know that I have from today become a reseller for both Sibelius and Vienna Symphonic Library, and in the coming days you’ll see assorts of new products added to the shop area of my site.

I’ll be demonstrating every library that VSL has developed, specifically with its use in Sibelius, and as such, for the short while I’ll not be blogging and posting on YouTube as much, as I have a tonne of work to do to get really detailed instructions and courses up on the site on all their software.

I’m really very excited and proud to be able to say the VSL and Avid have supported me in this way, and I’d like to thanks each and every one of you on this site for making it possible.

Now let’s check out the Elite Strings!

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