Looking at a Guitar Notation Problem

Looking at a Guitar Notation Problem

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Looking at a Guitar Notation Problem

Today, what I thought we’d do is take a look at writing for Guitar, as everyone knows that the Guitar is the finest instrument ever crafted by the hand of man!

Ok, I’m slightly biased, but I adore classical Guitar and love writing for the instrument, and I’ve been contacted a few times now by people who want to get the best playback possible, whilst maintaining wonderful notation, as Sibelius has some quirks, so thought this would make a perfect video blog to help you guys out!

For this video, I used Sibelius’s own inbuilt sounds, as I still think the inbuilt guitar is brilliant (the Classical guitar is really good) and I just used a tiny amount of the inbuilt reverb too.

If you are having any issues with Sibelius, or have an idea that would make a great blog post to help others out, why not get in touch, or use the comments section below, or contact me directly and we’ll take it from there.

I’ve used Sibelius 2021.2 for this one, if you don’t have it already, check it out on Avid’s site here

I hope you enjoy this one, see you soon for the next one.

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