The Community features are go!

The Community features are go!

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The Community features are go!

As you’ll know from previous blogs, a big part of our roadmap has been building the community features of the website, and I have to say that I’ve been beavering away for a while now working on them, and it’s been a bit more of a challenge getting everything finished than I first had planned, hence why I haven’t posted a blog for a while.

Website members will be able to get involved with the site and community in several ways, for example, you’ll be able to upload content, video, and music, share tips, and ideas, post blogs, upload and share Sibelius files and documents, chat in forums, and even host and run your own course or series of courses if you’d like to.

But now that it’s ready, I just wanted to find out if this was actually something the users of the site would like to see!

I know that may sound funny after I’ve spent ages working on it, but there are several Facebook groups devoted to it, along with plenty of forums around the internet that have dedicated notation sections, and I’ve started to wonder is there room for more?

Personally, I think there is, but of course without you guys its nothing, so my question is this:

Shall I turn on these features, or leave the site as it is?

I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know what you think, either in the comments section of this blog or directly via the contact me tab.

In other news, You’ll know that Sibelius has updated to 2021.9 and now has an iPad version. I’ve been asked why I haven’t reviewed it, blogged about it, or posted anything about it on my youtube channel, well, the answer is as simple as this. Although I’m a bit of an Apple fan, I haven’t got an iPad that’s up to date enough to run it, so currently I haven’t been able to check it out and test it!

But fear not, as soon as I’ve persuaded my wife to give me my wallet back, I’ll be updating my iPad (the Pro ones look amazing) and I’ll be including this new version in all the relevant blog posts and courses.

So please do let me know what you think in the comments below, and perhaps these new features will be available on the site sooner than you think!

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