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How to list your courses on Everything Sibelius!

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Discover Your Potential

Perhaps you teach an instrument, and use Sibelius to offer lead sheets and notation to your students, or you may compose all your music in a DAW like Logic Pro or Cubase, and then export Midi or music XML to orchestrate the tune in Sibelius

Do you teach composition? Or are you a music engraver and want to offer the best tips and help in getting stunning looking scores?

Perhaps you make Sibelius Plugins and want to show people how to use them with properly designed course.

As long as your workflow uses Sibelius at some point, your most welcome to apply to become an instructor here at Everything Sibelius.

Full Control

All the functionality you could ever wish for, all integrated perfectly so your courses really come to life. Want video lessons? Done, want to use quizzes?..Boom..sorted! Build the course you've always wanted to run!

Inspire Students

Include PDF manuals and Sibelius files, for students to download and use directly from the lesson plan! Use the Q&A feature to help them directly from there lesson plan!

It's your choice!

Choose to sell courses, or allow students to enrol on them for free. You won't be limited to the amount of courses you can run either, so make small micro courses..or one huge one.. or what ever works for you!

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How to Become an Instructor

Plan your course

You’ll have access to a world-class online learning platform offering almost every possible option you could wish for as an instructor on Everything Sibelius.

If you want to include video lessons, with Sibelius files, logic, Cubase or any other DAW file for students to follow along with, that’s no problem at all!

You can design quizzes to test student knowledge before and after the course, or at any point in it.

You can drip feed content, offer Q&A functionality directly from the lesson plan and offer ‘Certificates of Completion’ for every course you do.

It’s all accessible from your tutor dashboard along with world-class analytics so you can see exactly what is going on with your courses.

Publish your courses

Once you’ve designed your course and added all the content you want, it's time to submit it for review.

The course or courses you publish are moderated and won’t appear immediately as we need to check that they comply with our Terms and conditions and if you’ve chosen to sell your course, we’ll make sure everything is set up with our systems and payment gateway.

Your courses will be sold through our shopping basket, and as such, website users will be able to add as many items as they like into there basket (multiple courses from multiple instructors for example) and buy them all in one step. 

We pass the money taken from the sale of your course or courses to you directly to your chosen bank account after the required cooling off period has expired and less our commission which is currently 20% of the sales price of your course.

Have Full Control

They are your courses! control how they look, the content, if you charge for them or if you give them away for free

There are no extra fees for added features and we don’t have preferred tutor systems or use any gimmicks at all

We want you to design and run courses that allow you to enthuse about your subject with as much passion as possible and to really grab your students imagination in showing where Sibelius can be used in different workflows.

I hope you can see that if you choose to sell your course, the commission we take is fair and really designed to cover the costs of running, maintaining and updating the website whilst enabling you to get on with running your course and if you choose to, earning money from them too

So.. just a a quick recap!

  1. Its completely free to join
  2. You have full control
  3. No hidden fees for extra functionality
  4. Any workflow that includes Sibelius!
  5. The total commission we take is 20%

5% shown as 'Fees' in your tutor dashboard are for the Credit/Debit card handling fees through out payment gateway

The remaining 15% is our commission from the sale of your course. 

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So why not Become an Instructor Today

And together, well make Everything Sibelius the best Sibelius based website In the world!