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Planned maintenance

Planned Maintenance for the website!

I’m shortly going to be updating the website with a brand new look. The new design will make it much easier to navigate as it’ll have a clearer, more modern design and it also works better on mobile devises. There will also …


Website Roadmap update!

I really need your help!  After my first blog post about the features you’d like to see developed on the site, I’ve had some really good ideas sent, but I’ve had no way of tracking which idea is the most popular, and …

Sibelius VS Liquid Sonics
Quick tips

Sibelius Reverb Vs Liquid Sonics ‘Cinematic Rooms’

Today I thought I’d compare Sibelius Reverb Vs Liquid Sonics Reverbs with the exact same score! This tune uses NotePerformer and I’ve tweaked the playback using the included plugins, and now we are going to have a look at reverbs! I’ve been …

logic keyswitches
Quick tips

How to use the key switches from Sibelius in your Logic Project!

So, you have spent ages writing your magnificent suite in Sibelius Ultimate, perhaps using NotePerformer 3 as your playback sounds, but now you’ve finished and everything is perfectly engraved you realise you’ve made a schoolboy error!…you didn’t use those stunning samples from …

Blackpool Bridge blog picture
Score Playback

In ‘Blackpool Bridge’ Wood

Today’s post is about the reverb built inside of Sibelius Ultimate! I’ve had a few requests on my website from people who’d like to hear what it’s like, as I’ve not demonstrated it before. As some of you will already know, I’m …

Navigating around your score-blog
Quick tips

How to use the Navigator and TimeLine

Today I thought I’d do a quick video blog showing two really neat features that will get you zipping around your score in Sibelius really quickly! If you’ve ever dragged the score around the screen with your mouse, I’m sure you’ve found …

Delius By the River blog picture
Score Playback

Delius By The River

Well, a happy new year to you all, and let’s hope that 2021 is a better year than 2020! To start the new year off, I thought I’d do a little post showing the playback directly from Sibelius using NotePerformer 3 of …

Classical Guitar sound blog
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Taking a look at the Sibelius Inbuilt sounds!

Today what I thought we’d do is take a quick look at the inbuilt Classical Guitar instrument that comes included as standard, with Sibelius inbuilt sounds. Loads of people (myself included!) bang on about upgrading the sounds that come with Sibelius, as …