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Norfolk Font

Sibelius Playback with NotePerformer and the Norfolk Font

I have to say that as well as being a Sibelius sheep…I’m a VSL sheep too!..I love their software and have a lot of it, but lately I’ve found myself using NotePerformer more and more! Why you may ask!..well if I’m honest …

GMT picture

The Graphical Midi Tools plugin is now available directly from Everything Sibelius!

I’m very pleased to announce that the ‘Graphical Midi Tools’ plugin from Santiago Barx is now available to buy directly from Everything Sibelius! I’m a huge fan of this plugin, and its completely changed the way I work with Sibelius, as once …

Score Playback

On Soudley Ponds-Synchron stage Mirx reverb.

I’ve done several posts showing the playback straight from Sibelius using different sample libraries, but for todays post I thought I’d check out something new from VSL…that works wonderfully with something older! The original ‘Vienna Instruments’ version of the special editions are …