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a2 text tip
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A2 Technique Text Tip!

In this very short ‘Quick Tip’ post, today we’ll look at using Technique Text in your score, specifically with Vienna Symphonic Library samples. I’ve been asked a few times now on the site why I use individual instrument staves for VSL, but …

Sibelius VS Liquid Sonics
Quick tips

Sibelius Reverb Vs Liquid Sonics ‘Cinematic Rooms’

Today I thought I’d compare reverbs with the exact same score! This tune uses NotePerformer and I’ve tweaked the playback using the included plugins, and now we are going to have a look at reverbs! I’ve been asked a few times now …

logic keyswitches
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How to use the key switches from Sibelius in your Logic Project!

So, you have spent ages writing your magnificent suite in Sibelius Ultimate, perhaps using NotePerformer 3 as your playback sounds, but now you’ve finished and everything is perfectly engraved you realise you’ve made a schoolboy error!…you didn’t use those stunning samples from …