Add Kontakt To Sibelius Without a Sound-Set

Paul Del-Nevo
Paul Del-Nevo
Last Update June 10, 21
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About This Course

So..you’ve got yourself some lovely samples that use the Kontakt sample player!…well done you, as there are some stunning libraries available for this sample player.

You use your samples in your favourite DAW with no trouble at all…yet your stumped when it comes to Sibelius, as everyone knows its almost impossible to use Kontakt with Sibelius WITHOUT a Sound-Set, that mystical bit of software that enables all the articulations and dynamics to change with instructions in your score!

Well you can use Kontakt without a Sound-Set for your all time favourite samples in Sibelius Ultimate. Ok..its not as elegant as using a Sound-Set, but it’s perfectly possible and a lot of fun to do!

This short course will show you all you need to know to setup Sibelius Ultimate with Kontakt using Key-switch staves.

These key-switch staves will allow you to change articulations in your scores whenever you want (so long as your library of choice uses key-switches) and I’ll show you how to do this using Native Instruments ‘Session Strings Pro’ as an example.

As with all my courses, the video in each lesson shows how to do everything, but for this course I have assumed that you know how to input notes into a score.


Learning Objectives

You'll know how to use Kontakt with Sibelius!
You'll be able to use your favourite samples in your scores
Learn how to use Key-Switch staves (and how to hide them!)
You'll know how to use the Dynamics plugin within Sibelius.


  • Sibelius Ultimate (I used 2020.9 for this course)
  • A Kontakt Library (That uses Key-Switches)

Target Audience

  • Anyone who uses a Kontakt sample library and wishes they could use them in their favourite Notation program!


10 Lessons

Introduction to the course

How to use the course software and mark the lessons as completed, and what we'll cover in the course.
Finding your way around.00:05:26
Lets take a look at what we’ll cover in this course.00:02:09

Making your Template

This section of the course looks in detail at all the steps needed to make your 1st template with 1 (one) instance of Kontakt.

Checking that your score plays back correctly and hiding the Key-Switch staves

We'll look in detail at making sure your Key-Switches operate as expected, and that everything is sitting on the correct midi channels. We'll also look at how to hide the Key-Switch staves from your score.

Student Feedback

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Reviews (2)

Another one knocked out of the park. Well done Paul for making this easier to understand!

Learning how to choose samples from Kontakt library as a playback has opened so many creative doors for me.. Things are explained coherently and all step-by-step, making it easier for beginners to understand. Thanks Paul!

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