How to Setup VSL and Sibelius

Paul Del-Nevo
Paul Del-Nevo
Last Update November 15, 21
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About This Course

Vienna Symphonic Library makes some stunning samples, some would say they are simply world-class, and I wholeheartedly agree with them!

If you are new to Sibelius, VSL or both, and would like to know how to set up a playback configuration so you can use these wonderful samples with your scores, join up today, as this is right up your street!

In this course, I’ll show you how to set up a small selection of instruments into one (1) instance of Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 by building a string quartet, but in reality, after the course, you’ll be able to set up whatever you like, for example, a wind quintet, or a Piano Trio as the techniques that I show you will allow you to build a template using whichever instruments you’d like.

As well as Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 the course also uses the Vienna Instruments Pro 2 version of their sample player, so you’ll need this version as well, to make exactly the same configuration as I show here.

So, if you’d like to know how it’s all done, what’s the point in waiting! Join today and get started with these wonderful samples sooner than you think!

I’ve done a few blogs showcasing the playback of VSL on the site, if you haven’t seen them already, you’ll find them all listed here

Learning Objectives

Know how to setup VE Pro 7 with Sibelius Ultimate
Setup the sound-sets
Sort out the House Style
Select the correct Instrument staves
Test the score
Install the sample players
Load the samples
Use the built in reverb
Use these wonderful samples to write your music with!


  • Sibelius Ultimate.
  • Vienna Ensemble Pro 7
  • Vienna Instruments Pro 2 Sample Player
  • A basic understanding of how to make a score

Target Audience

  • Anyone who would like to use VSL with Sibelius to get the most out of there software!


10 Lessons

Introduction to the course

How to use the course software and mark lessons as completed
How to use the course software.00:05:26
A big hello!..Lets make the score!00:01:34
How to download and install the sound-sets and House Style00:02:07

Building the Template

We'll look in detail at the Playback Devices Dialogue, The Manual Sound set, how to connect to VE Pro and how to load the samples!

Testing the Template

Well look at some things to consider with the Sibelius mixer, and we'll look at how to test the score plays back correctly with articulation instructions, and Technique Text directly in the score.

Final Thoughts!

I'll show you the last few tips on plyback, have a quick recap of everything included in this little course and what you now know how to do!

Student Feedback

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This was great and explained in a very clear, and well structured way. I had been trying to get this sorted out for ages but this course has got me sorted out in no time at all really. It's a big 5 stars from me.

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10 lectures

Material Includes

  • Detailed, point by point video instruction
  • Ask questions directly from the lesson plan
  • Detailed PDF download document
  • Your Certificate of completion!