How to use the ‘Graphical Midi Tools’ plugin

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About This Course

The Graphical Midi Tools plugin is fantastic, and this course is designed to show you why using it can take your music to a whole new level of lovely!

Sibelius Ultimate is a stunning piece of software, but until recently it’s not been that easy to automate midi CC data to control the playback of 3rd party samples directly from the score. A popular way of overcoming this limitation has always been to compose with Sibelius, then export the score as either Midi or Music XML and import this data into your favourite DAW like Logic Pro or Cubase to tweak everything to make mockups of your music.

But this has now changed with the 1.2 version of the Graphical Midi Tools plugin, and I have to say it’s absolutely superb! Now you are able to control ANY midi function directly from the score, with a little graphical pencil.

Now controlling Expression, Modulation, Volume, Pan, or any other playback effect that your sample player of choice offers can be automated easily in your Sibelius Score. 

If your sample player has humanisation features as VSL does, and these are controllable via Midi cc numbers, then you can control these as well!

For this course, I use samples from Vienna Symphonic Library (both the newer Synchron-ized Special Editions, and the original Vienna Instruments samples using full solo strings samples) but you can control any 3rd party samples easily, as you can set up the plugin to control any CC parameter you need.

After taking this course, you’ll be able to compose and mock-up your music using world-class samples, as easily as using a DAW, and once you are familiar with all the controls, the results you can achieve are stunning!

If you want to export the midi data to edit in a DAW like Logic or Cubase, all the data you have added in the score is exported to, so everything is ‘tweakable’ either in your favourite DAW or now perhaps more importantly directly from the score of your favourite notation software!

If you’ve always dreamed of automating every last detail of your Sibelius score with world-class samples, trust me, your dreams have just been answered, and after taking this course you’ll know how to take your scores from Sibelius into a whole new level of lovely!

This course does not show how to use the GMT 2.0 version of the plugin, the course is currently being updated and when this new content is ready, it’ll be available as a completely new section in the course. I’ll post an announcement as soon as it’s been updated.

Learning Objectives

Learn how to automate ANY Midi data you want in your Sibelius Ultimate score!
See everything laid out directly from the score
Adjust note velocity easily
Adjust the timing and length of notes with the Piano Roll
Easily automate ANY function of your chosen sample player via Midi CC numbers
Never leave Sibelius and do it all from the score!

Material Includes

  • Detailed video for each lesson
  • Q & A directly from the lesson plan
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Sibelius Ultimate (the plugin DOES NOT work with Sibelius first)
  • A basic understanding of midi automation
  • A playback configuration that uses samples that can be automated via Midi CC
  • The Graphical Midi Tools plugin version 1.2 (not Included)

Target Audience

  • Anyone who want to make better mockups of their music with Sibelius Ultimate
  • Composers who don't want to use a DAW!


8 Lessons1h 24m

Getting started!

We'll take a good look at installation of the plugin, how to activate it, how to open and close the plugin, and we'll look in detail at the controls, including the 'Pencil' tool
How to navigate around your course and mark lessons as complete00:06:54
How to install the plugin00:02:40
How to assign a keyboard shortcut to use the plugin.00:03:50
Let’s take a first look at Midi CC data automation.00:17:07

Using the plugin

Now the fun starts!..we'll take an in-depth look at every function the plugin has to offer, with Sibelius sounds, NotePerformer and VSL samples.

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Material Includes

  • Detailed video for each lesson
  • Q & A directly from the lesson plan
  • Certificate of Completion