The Synchron-ized Special Editions with Vienna Ensemble 6

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About This Course

Would you like to learn how to set up the Synchron-ized Special Editions with Vienna Ensemble 6?

The Synchron sample player is much newer than the original VI or VI Pro player.

The interface is completely new and uses a ‘Dimension Tree’ structure for articulation switching, not the matrix system that the original Vienna Instruments (and the Pro version) uses.

The sample player has inbuilt reverb based on the MIR Pro versions of the Synchron Stage Vienna, and sounds out the box, absolutely superb!

A plus point of this new sample player is that it can seem a bit less intimidating than the Vienna Instruments version of the sample player. The features that the original VI player has (especially the Pro version) are frankly world-class, but you may find it a bit daunting to use the first time you set everything up.

The Synchron Player is laid out in perhaps a clearer way, and humanization control is still available, but it’s a bit more user friendly!

It also includes some terrific mixer presets and a slightly larger list of available instruments, and the string sections now come with violin 2 samples for each ensemble size.

In this course, I’ll start at the very beginning, by opening a blank Sibelius document. I’ll show you how to set up a template in Sibelius Ultimate using separate instances of Vienna Ensemble for different sections of the orchestra

This way of working has the potential to become a HUGE template should you so wish!

Once it’s set up, it can be very quick to use, and loads automatically too!

So, you’ve bought the Synchron-ized Special Editions!

They are stunningly good, and very soon you’ll be able to use them with Sibelius too. I’ve done quite a few blogs now showcasing the playback of VSL’s software with Sibelius. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can check them out here.

Learning Objectives

Once you've completed this course, you'll have a really good idea of what's involved setting up a playback configuration for the very first time.
This course contains over 1 hour of video, and your template build will probably take you a weekend the 1st time to do one.

Material Includes

  • In-depth, detailed video instruction, for each lesson,
  • When you finish the course, you'll have access to your Certificate of completion.


  • Sibelius Ultimate (Currently at version 2020.9)
  • An Account with Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Have downloaded and installed the Synchron Sample Player
  • Have downloaded and installed Vienna Ensemble 6
  • Have downloaded and installed the Synchron-ized Special Editions.

Target Audience

  • Anyone who would like to use the Vienna Ensemble 6 and the Synchron-ized Special Editions with Sibelius.


14 Lessons

Introduction to the course

A brief overview of how to use the course software and to mark lessons as completed
How to use the course software00:00:00

Starting the template

This part of the course covers in detail how to install, setup and use Vienna Symphonic Libraries Synchron-ized Special Editions with Sibelius, by setting up a template to run inside of their mixing environment Vienna Ensemble 6

Adding More Instances of Vienna Ensemble 6

In this section, we'll look at adding more instances to your template.

Setting up your score, Playback, Trouble shooting and more!

The fun starts! in this section, I'll show you how to use a score that you're already working on with your new template, and also some common issues you may have with playback.

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Everything is so well described and is really, really helpfull. Thanks for your great work Paul!

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Material Includes

  • In-depth, detailed video instruction, for each lesson,
  • When you finish the course, you'll have access to your Certificate of completion.