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Are the courses Accredited?

Currently..No they are not accredited by any UK University or learning centre.

So…at this point you may think theres no point in taking them.

What I can say is that they will enable you to fully understand and use the software to produce the results you want to achieve.

For the courses showing template setup and the use of 3rd party samples, taking these courses will allow you to fully understand how to connect everything, test everything and how using them once properly set up is no different than using the inbuilt Sibelius sounds…only a whole lot better!

You’ll learn loads of new skills, you’ll know the specifics of the course you’ve taken inside out, and everything you learn is fully demonstrable. Not forgetting the workflow improvements you may discover..and if you use Sibelius as a hobby, you’re enjoyment of this magnificent software could well skyrocket!