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Can I offer courses on your site too?

I’m planning this functionality into the site design, and very shortly I’ll be opening the site up to allow other teachers/instructors to post courses on the site.

Perhaps you teach an instrument, and use Sibelius to offer lead sheets and notation to your students, or you may compose all your music in a DAW like Logic Pro or Cubase for example, and then export Midi or music XML to arrange the tune in Sibelius

Do you teach composition? Or are you a music engraver and want to offer the best tips and help in getting stunning looking scores?

Perhaps you make Sibelius Plugins and want to show people how to use it with a properly designed course. 

Whatever your workflow, or however you use Sibelius, as long as you use Sibelius at some point in your course you’ll be welcome to post courses onto the site.

Simply click the ‘Become an Instructor’ link to find out more and to register your interest, It’s completely free too!