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When I post a course, or courses on the site, can I sell them, and is there a fee?

It’s completely up to you whether to charge for them or give them away for free.

We’ve taken care to develop a system that is extremely easy for you to use, and with a great deal of flexibility on how you can offer your courses on the site

If you want to offer videos lessons, Quizzes, Certificates of Completion, inbuilt Q&A features, and a whole lot more, then Everything Sibelius may well be the platform you’ve been looking for!

Pricing is completely up to you, its absolutely free to join and start offering courses.

Whatever you choose, you’ll still have all the features available to you to run your course or courses.

We take a commission on the sale price (currently 20%) and nothing more..No subscriptions…Payments for extra features..Nothing else at all.

This commission is broken down as follow:

5% shown as ‘Fees’ in your tutor dashboard are for the Credit/Debit card handling fees through out payment gateway

15% is our commission from the sale of your course.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this commission is fair and is really only designed to help with the running costs and maintenance of the site.

More information is available on the ‘Become an Instructor’ page, and in the email we will send to you upon registering.