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What version of Sibelius do you use?

Good Question, as Avid currently sell 3 different versions of the software things can get a bit complicated!

The 3 versions available are:

Sibelius First (the Free version) You can score up to 4 instrument parts with limited functionality

Sibelius. You can score up to 16 instrument parts with a much improved feature set

Sibelius Ultimate. You can score unlimited amounts of instrument parts with every feature and function available.

I use the Ultimate version of Sibelius for all the demonstrations, courses and blogs on this website, so UNLESS I specifically mention a different version either in the courses, blogs or indeed any post on this site all references I make to Sibelius will be to the Ultimate version of the software.

Every course will have Sibelius Ultimate as a requirement clearly marked on the course home page.

So, why do I use the Ultimate version you may be thinking?’s wonderful!..and having the ability to write for any instrument, or any number of instruments, add plugins, connect 3rd party reverbs and samples and have every feature available at your lovely!