East West Quantum Leap, Make Your 1st Template!

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East West Quantum Leap, Make Your 1st Template!


So you have Sibelius Ultimate and the Symphonic Orchestra library from East West Quantum Leap, and your wondering how to connect them together! Well, ponder that question no more! In this very short course, we’ll look at setting up East West Quantum Leap with Sibelius using a Sound Set.


A sound set enables Sibelius to connect to the samples of your chosen library, and enables you to write with them and play them back straight from your score! Something that I love doing!

Currently…only a handful of sample Libraries have sound sets for their instruments. The major exception to this is Vienna Symphonic Library who supply them as standard with all their instruments

But an amazing chap by the name of Jonathan Loving has developed loads of sound sets for different samples libraries. You may be surprised by how many there are available from him.

For this installation, you’ll need to head over to his website and buy and download your sound set for EWQLSO.

I’ll go over every step needed to make a playback configuration using a String Quartet as an example, as the first time you do this you may be thinking blimey it’s a load of work..and I’m not sure I really know what I’m doing!

All I can say is it is worth it, and it’s nowhere near as difficult as you may think!

After you do this course..why not take a look at the next one..as that will go into much more detail on every aspect of the template build…as we’ll build a HUGE template using a huge amount of instruments!

We’ll look at everything! Making the configuration, Installing the samples, changing the House style, changing the Instruments.

We’ll start at the very beginning, by getting the Soundest from the Sound Set Project.

Just remember, to use EWQL you’ll have to buy this sound set.

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