Ensemble 6 or Ensemble Pro 7?

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Ensemble 6 or Ensemble Pro 7?


So you use Sibelius Ultimate, and you want to setup a playback configuration using some lovely new samples from Vienna Symphonic Library.

You’ve noticed that you have access to Vienna Ensemble 6 but your not sure if you’d prefer to upgrade to Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 to host your Sibelius template.


This new course shows in detail the differences between the two versions of the software so you know how they both work in relation to Sibelius

You’ll be able to compare each main feature, like the mixer views and general layout, how each handles Midi routing, what are your sample player options, how to check instrument articulation changes, and a whole lot more.

So, if you are not sure which version to use but your chomping at the bit to get started on your Sibelius template, sign up today, compare each function side by side and find out which version works best for you!

If you use the Sibelius mixer as standard when using templates and you’ve not considered Vienna Ensemble, this little course may well be an eye opener!

This course is aimed at anyone who uses or would like to use VSL samples with Sibelius, and who wants to host their template in either Ensemble 6 or Ensemble Pro 7


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