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Getting the best out of NotePerformer


If you use Sibelius you may be looking around for a better playback option than the built in Sibelius sounds, and NotePerformer may be exactly what your looking for!


NotePerformer is developed by Wallander Instruments and is child’s play to download and install. It works as easily as Sibelius sounds do! Just change the playback configuration and your good to go! and I have to say, for the money this software costs, it can sound extraordinarily good, as some very gentle tweaking can make your scores come alive!

Don’t worry, it’s not tweaking in the ‘Bring it into Logic Pro and adjust everything’ type of’ll quickly see that it’s all done in Sibelius and is great fun to do!

This little course is designed to show you how to get the best out of your new playback software, by looking in detail at Dynamics, Section Sizes, Vibrato, and technique text, as there is some really rather nice functionality hidden away that I’d love to show you!

So whether you’ve used NotePerformer for ages, or are yet to jump on board, after going through this very short course you may discover that this AI-Driven, really rather wonderful software just got better!

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