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Spitfire Audio and Sibelius


Spitfire Audio and Sibelius Ultimate work really well together and Spitfire’s LABS samples offer some wonderful sounds that you’ll be able to use with Sibelius. The BBC Symphony Orchestra is stunning, and in this course, I’ll show you how to use the ‘Discover‘ version with Sibelius.


As no sound set exists to link either version of the Spitfire samples to Sibelius, the LAB’s player uses a basic score that’s really quite nice to check the sounds out and sketch ideas with.

For the BBC Discover section of the course, I’ll go over in detail how to set up hidden key-switch staves, allowing you to use every key-switch for each instrument.

For this, I’ve set up a score for an orchestra with a really nice selection of instruments and I’ll take you through how to set it all up so you can use these samples whenever you like.

I’ve included downloadable Sibelius files to help you set everything up, but to follow along, you’ll need either LABS or the BBC Discover samples, so if you don’t currently have them, you’ll need to jump over to Spitfire Audio for more information.

So, if you’d love to use Spitfire Audios samples with Sibelius Ultimate, join the course today, and learn how to set up your own template today!

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