Use your Ensemble 6 template in Sibelius and Logic Pro

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Use your Ensemble 6 template in Sibelius and Logic Pro


So you’ve spent ages making a template in Sibelius that uses the VSL Synchron-ized Special Editions and Vienna Ensemble 6, and now you’re wondering If you can use the same template in Logic Pro!


If you’ve tried to do this, you may have realised that it’s not obvious how to do it, as Ensemble 6 opens and closes automatically, it can be very difficult to attach a ready made instance of Ensemble with new midi tracks in Logic Pro! But fear not, as it’s not that hard to do once you know how!

After you’ve done this little course you’ll have all the information you need to use your Sibelius Template in Logic.

Once everything is connected to Logic Pro, I’ll show you how to change articulations as easily as you do in Sibelius, using an amazing bit of software (Art Conductor 6)

I cannot recommend Babylonwaves enough, so check it out today, as the list of sample libraries it works with is massive, and if you’d like to follow along with this course, you’ll need it, and it works in Logic Pro’s score editor as well!

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