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If you’d love to produce really good mockups of your music, you may be thinking you have to use a DAW like Logic Pro, Cubase or the myriad of other options available to tweak everything to your liking, but trust me, now you can DO IT ALL in the notation software you love!

Installation instructions are included in the Zip file.



The Graphical Midi Tools plugin is frankly nothing short of stunning! You can tweak any Midi CC data you want, adjust the timing of individual notes (with a piano roll editor!) tweak note velocity, and more…all from the score…It’s stunning…and if you’ve longed for a way of staying inside Sibelius…Look no further as you’ve just found it!

I used to use Logic Pro to tweak everything, but I’ve honestly not used it since to import midi and tweak..this plugin is that’s changed my workflow completely..So if you use Sibelius (check out the Additional Information tab)..It may well change yours!

The Graphical Midi Tools plugin is groundbreaking in the way it handles and manipulates midi data within Sibelius. Before installing and using this plugin, there are a few options to add and adjust Midi CC data, the Crescendo/Decrescendo plugin, or by using ‘Lines’ and attaching midi data. The Crescendo/Decrescendo plugin is excellent, and can really help to produce great results..but the lines almost un-usable.

If you want to use both at the same time it could be an absolute nightmare to make everything playback as expected…You have no control over the curve of the midi, and if you make a mistake (and if you are like me with butter will!) it can be an absolute nightmare to fix…so much so that I hardly bothered and used Logic…as everyone else did!

Trust me..Those days are over!

After installing this plugin, you’ll be able to do the following! Edit Midi data…and delete it!..ok that may be a strange thing to be excited about..but trust me when I say this, after using it for about 10 minutes you’ll see how powerful this is.

Ok, you may be thinking what’s so good about that!..Well now you can automate anything you like..up to six options like Expression, Modulation, Volume or Panning for example…and a couple of others like (if your library uses these functions) Humanisation and legato blur control…AT THE SAME TIME…effortlessly by drawing a midi curve as you would in a DAW

But you draw the curve in the score..with a little graphical pencil! and you see everything laid out over the notes and musical phrases of your music in a way that allows you to see the ebb and flow of everything..its truly a brilliant plugin..but if you want to edit or delete the midi curve..that is as easy to with the delete function. The way this plugin handles midi is worth the price of the plugin on its own..but that’s not all it can do!

You’ll be able to adjust the timing of notes with a little piano roll editor.. and adjusting the timing doesn’t affect the look of the score either.

Now you’ll be able to work on that lovely run you’ve written and tweak the timing so it plays back exactly how you’d like..all from the score!

Oh..and I almost to forgot to mention that you’ll be able to adjust the velocity of any note you like too..again from the the controls are all overlaid over the notes so you get an excellent feel for what’s going on!

I’m a huge fan of this plugin, and I’m very proud to be able to support the developer by selling the plugin directly from my website, I really hope you enjoy using this plugin as much as I do.

Additional information

Sibelius Version

– Sibelius 7.5 or higher is required


– Works for PC or Mac

Not Compatible With


I’ve done a course showing how to use this plugin with Vienna Symphonic Libraries samples. It’s that good I no longer use a DAW to edit anything that I compose with Sibelius.

The course goes into detail on every function, and after going through it, you may want to say ‘Goodbye DAW’!

Check the course out here


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