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GMT 2.0

NotePerformer will never sound the same again!

If you use Sibelius and NotePerformer (or ANY other sample library that you have) trust me, you need to check this out! The Graphical Midi Tools plugin was already brilliant, but the Graphical Midi Tools 2.0 version is simply astounding! If you …

NotePerformer Course updates

The NotePerformer course has been updated!

This is just a very quick post you let you all know that today I’ve released an update for the NotePerformer course. You’ll find this at the Botton of the course layout in the ‘Bonus Material’ section and it covers the Tenuto …

Norfolk Font

Sibelius Playback with NotePerformer and the Norfolk Font

I have to say that as well as being a Sibelius sheep…I’m a VSL sheep too!..I love their software and have a lot of it, but lately I’ve found myself using NotePerformer more and more! Why you may ask!..well if I’m honest …

Blackpool Bridge blog picture
Score Playback

In ‘Blackpool Bridge’ Wood

Today’s post is about the reverb built inside of Sibelius Ultimate! I’ve had a few requests on my website from people who’d like to hear what it’s like, as I’ve not demonstrated it before. As some of you will already know, I’m …

Delius By the River blog picture
Score Playback

Delius By The River

Well, a happy new year to you all, and let’s hope that 2021 is a better year than 2020! To start the new year off, I thought I’d do a little post showing the playback directly from Sibelius using NotePerformer 3 of …

Sergeant Smith
Score Playback

The Ballad Of Sergeant Smith

Score playback with NotePerformer 3 Today, I thought I would show you the playback that is possible using NotePerformer with my score ‘The Ballad Of Sergeant Smith’ This is a much larger score than the one I usually use to showcase playback …